Developing MVPs for Start-Ups

Design & Implementation

XpertLink is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster and better while letting them focus on  their start-up strategy

MVP Design

From requirements to product design, technology selection and implementation detailed plan

Project Management

Outsourced Web and mobile MVPs implemented via cost-effective methods and by trustable teams

Launch Campaigns

Develop media-rich content including write-up and design, optimised for maximised conversion

Recent Posts

My Tech Notes

Blockchain and the Future of Serialization

This is a summary of the topic “Blockchain as the basis of Serialisation” I had presented at the recent AIPIA Amsterdam 2017 (Smart Packaging Conference). The post includes an embedded slide-set followed by presenter notes shedding light on to some of the more challenging aspects of the topic.

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My Tech Notes

Serialisation versus Pattern-based Authentication

Two Dominant Approaches Anti-counterfeiting solutions are being developed and perfected for more than a decade, in a constant attempt to defeat new generations of counterfeiters. Diverse techniques, some of which are patented are used to detect fake products and defend manufacturers.

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