My recent specialisation targets

Payment and NFC Solutions

Next-generation payment devices and arrangements, EMV-based terminals, e-Coins and mobile wallets, Bitcoin transactions

Authentication and IoT

Authentication of Users, Devices and 'Things' using standard and Blockchain-based databases, targeting IoT and Web Applications

Web & Mobile Commerce

Multi-store markets, micro-bidding systems, Optimised m-Commerce UX, related security measures, Online to Offline links

Recent projects targeting some of the mentioned technologies

Authentication & IoT

NFC-based Product Authentication System

  • Based on centralised serialisation & verification system accessing product NFC tags via end user connected phone
  • Technology: IoT based Track and Trace, BlockChain based Database

XpertLink Responsibilities:

System Design, Project Management, Product Implementation & Launch into worldwide markets

Payment System

Mobile Payment based on Contactless Credit Cards and Mobile-to-Web integration scheme

  • A novel solution for easy online shopping through mobile phones
  • Designed to scale to millions of users

XpertLink Responsibilities:

Product Design, UX/UI, Project Management, MVP Product Launch


Pre-Paid SIMs mCommerce System based on sophisticated e-Commerce back-end and

  • Hybrid Mobile App implementing the Front-End
  • Unique distribution method bypassing traditional SIM stores

XpertLink Responsibilities:

Complete design and implementation, including REST APIs to cellular systems and invoicing services