Recent Implementations of cutting-edge authentication and digital-ID technologies


QR-based Product Authentication

A Cloud-based authentication system using smart correlation to detect fraud and report to Brands and Retailers

SIM-based Identity Control

An online pre-paid SIM re-charging system allowing complete control of Identities associated with a phone number

NFC-based Account Verification

A User Authentication method based on 3-way interaction between NFC Card, Mobile App and Online Service

QR-based Product Authentication

Goal: Create a Cloud-based QR-Code analysis system that applies AI-like technology to detect irregularities and warn on duplicate codes (illegal copies).

My role: System Design, Product Management, Outsourced Implementation, Product Marketing.

Key Achievements

  • Professional AWS-based implementation within extreme time and budget limitations
  • Creation of pure browser-based location and device ID analysis interface
  • Development of a patented shared and secure code management architecture

SIM-based Identity Control

Goal: Develop a system that allows pre-paid SIMs to be re-charged online, without the intervention of any dealer or Cellular operator. The result is a fully secured communications channel – phone calls, SMS and WhatsApp all attached to a temporal, completely private phone number.

My role: System Design, Product Management, Implementation of the eCommerce site, Product Marketing.


  • eCommerce website integrated with a secured cellular operator API
  • Implementation of a complete payment system, including Israeli invoicing solution
  • Design of the launch theme and the supporting digital promotion campaign


Goal: Develop a new form of account-verification that is based on a secured NFC card and a supporting 3-way system: phone, user and Cloud. The solution adopts to the new needs of applications such as crypto-wallets and enjoys the cost and reliability advantage of an NFC card while supplying high level security to accounts owners.

My role: System Design, Product Management, Outsourced Implementation, Product Marketing (Planing – not launched yet).


  • Highly secured environment for crypto and general-purpose data storage applications
  • Elimination of an expensive and failure-prove electronic device storing offline data
  • Easy to use, based on the latest Android and iPhone NFC support
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