Project Planning

Professional Development of a Realistic Project Plan

The commercial justification and the correct path to success made clearer via a verified process based on entrepreneur – Xpertlink cooperation.

All relevant aspects are analysed, issues resolved and solutions are fully documented into a rich set of documents.

Interactive Business Analysis using a CANVAS-based  model

Using the highly established CANVAS methodology adopted per case, a clear vision of the business opportunity is outlined, including:

  • Key Value Proposition
  • Target Maket, Distribution Channels
  • Business Model
  • Inter-relations between all relevant parts

Variety of Presentation Formats

Business potential and planned execution developed into variety of formats and detail, based on project needs:

  • Textual Exec Summary and Plan
  • Charts and Tables presenting the financial aspects
  • GANTs and Tables offering visual perspective of the developed plan
  • Product Illustrations and Video Demos, helping understand the concept

Sample Plan Presentation

Car Anti-Theft Solution – Business case Presentation”

A thorough analysis of a hardware-Software based solution targeting insurance companies helping them trim their car-insurance costs.


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