Product Launch Kickstarter

An Affordable & Complete
Launch Campaign

Once product is ready, marketing becomes the top priority, being the most effective way to create market awareness and active user base, from which useful feedback is gathered, initial sales are performed.

In XpertLink I help ventures implement this part from start to launch, using tested and verified methods and tools.

Components of the Launch Campaign

Promotional Web Site

Either as a separate site or as a part of the main service site, a promotional page /set of pages is developed, featuring the necessary ingredients to attract and promote the service.

E-mail Campaigns

As one of the key components, based on either pre-existing or on one that can can easily be acquired, a short series of intro and promotion e-mails is composed, distributed and tracked.

SEO-based Promotion

Organic Search, based on proper SEO setup is built into the promotional presence. A base is set consisting of  keywords analysis and sync to content backlinks potential research and more.

Facebook Page & Posts

Facebook is a key promotional tool in most type of online businesses, and therefore a matching business page and a set of promotional posts are developed, posted and tracked.

LinkedIn Promotion

B2B SaSS in particular can benefit immensely from a carefully conducted LinkedIn promotion. A set of posts and links to strategic groups provide a solid basis to future campaigns.

Paid Ads Promotion

Whenever budget permits, and if found essential, paid campaigns based on PPC in Google and similar options by facebook are developed and run as part of the launch effort.

Sample Works

Business Video Presentations

Business Web Sites

Promotional Clips

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