Online Services Implementation

Efficient Development 
Using Zero-Code technology

Advanced services require complex functionality, a common target for a programming projects. However, XpertLink is taking advantage of the latest in ‘Zero-Code’ apps-technology and brings comparable capabilities at fraction of the cost

Fast Implementation. | Flexibility. | Cost-Efficiency

Offered Tools & Technologies

WordPress-based Site - Design & Implementation

Wordpress is used as a mature infrastructure upon which advanced online services can be built. It also serves as an excellent design environment enjoying a multitude of ready made tools and templates.

Conversion Optimised Landing Page Design

As a key trigger to customer interest and conversion into buyers, landing pages are built as part if the kickstarter package, geared towards set goals and linked to various trigger points such as e-mails, Google Ads and more. 

Advanced Features Implemented Using ACF

Maximum flexibility in extending and enriching the WordPress base is achieved using sophisticated use of the Advanced Custom Fields Technology and its many unique features and extensions

WooCommerce-based Online eCommerce Sites

WooCommerce is used as the preferred extension to WordPress, when it comes to eCommerce ventures, enjoying a wide range of extensions as well as incredible design flexibility developed over the years. 

Integrated Promotion & Acquisition Tools

Even the most sophisticated online operation is missing its business goals if promotion and acquisition tools are not built-in. Offering includes SEO optimisers and powerful integration with online chat and support tools. 

Payment Systems Integration - PayPal and More

eCommerce ventures eventually depend on effective and accessible payment system. PayPal is used as a default, yet locally-adopted tools taking into account tax implications and local currency are offered as well. 

Case Studies

Advanced eCommerce Site

Goal: Create an Affiliation-based Prepaid SIMs sales front-end, fully Integrated with an external supplier via  its provided API.

Implementation: A WooCommerce-based infrastructure has been extended with a special plugin implementing the required API. The Affiliation mechanism has been configured into an extension including a complex compensation scheme.

AI-driven Motion Robot

Goal: Implement an MVP of a Motion Robot, using the latest AI-based Vision Technology and a GPS-based navigation sub-system

Implementation: Through a successful partnership, Intel’s AI-equipped camera technology and a Robotics Embedded Framework the NVP successfully demonstrated self-motion and obstacle avoidance capabilities

Cloud-based Authentication System

Goal: Implement an object authentication system capable of identifying false identities using advanced Cloud-based correlation and optional link to a Blockchain 

Implementation: A dedicated back-end implemented analysis of QR and NFC-marked authentication codes,  correlating in real-time read values to either a trusted SQL database or to an optional 3rd-party, specially selected Blockchain infrastructure.

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