I help clients implement & launch their Online Projects

Whether you develop a professional web presence or a fully automated online service – I can provide a complete, highly affordable implementation

You get

of the following:

Careful Business Analysis and Planning

  • Business implications of your plan are analysed. A matching Business Plan is developed, plus and an optional Pitching Slide-Deck and a preliminary Excel-form PNL
  • Your vision is translated into Product Requirements & Specifications
  • A Detailed Implementation Plan is constructed and verified against available budget
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A cost-effective Implementation of the chosen solution

  • A Minimum Viable Product or a full system is developed using cost-efficient, fast methods
  • Implementation is in-house or partially outsourced, depending on the complexity of the target
  • Execution carefully follows available budget

A Product Marketing Kickstarter

  • Launch plan is developed based on the characteristics of the targeted market and the unique business case
  • A proper Content Deck is developed, including write-ups, landing pages, e-mail campaigns and a series of Social-Media posts
  • Execution is by XpertLink plus optional sub-contractors, depending on scope and budget constraints

Zero-Code Apps:
A new approach to rapid, cost effective system development

XpertLink follows closely and adopts the latest in Zero-Code application development technology, ranging from advanced plugin-based Web-Site construction techniques to mobile-optimised Visual Code builders available from Google and others.

The result is a fast track to early launch, achieved under strict budget constraints, yet fully aligned with the latest in desktop and mobile apps standards.

Sample Projects

Online Sales and Promotions Platforms

From sophisticated eCommerce sites to complete marketplaces, deep acquaintance with the domain serves a wide range of projects

AI-based Analysis & Automation

Continuous investment in the latest AI technology, used in real-life projects to implement computer- vision and matching applications

Security & Authentication Solutions

Know-how ranges from basic access control to sensitive data to authentication of users and objects, tied to a full-proof databases

Sample Clients

The following is a representational list of past and present XpertLink customers:

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