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AI Low-Code Automation Solutions

Get the tools, resources, and solutions for your next automated information system, built in record time and within budget.”

What can you Automate with a Low-Code/No-Code platform?

Build Quick POC

Low-Code /No-Code platforms are helping teams worldwide launch new ideas into test markets faster and at a lower cost than ever. Low-code /No Code creates an initial version, complete with working monetization and user management features

Automate Repetitive Workflows

Complex automation can be implemented using the inherent capabilities of the Low-Code /No-Code platforms. In addition, add-ons and chunks of custom code can be used to complete the mission efficiently.

Integrate with Data and Apps

Low-Code /No-Code tools come equipped with excellent data integration and manipulation capabilities, making it easy to implement new data-flows and transformations, through a variiety of APIs

How it's Being Done

A Typical Scenario

Deliverables: Requirements Doc., Structure

(Use free form or industry template)

Deliverables: Database Definition, UI Screens

(No embedded functionality yet)

Deliverables:Usable implementation ready for initial tesing

(Alpha /Beta stage, depending on complexity)

Deliverables:Tested app, ready to publish

(May also need to complete app-stores specific requirements)

Skills applied when implementing Low-Code/No-Code Automation Project

Low-Code/No-Code tools are designed for simple use but still require some tech skills involved in completing  a useful version,

Needed Skills

Make sure you have those on-board

Able to Design Requirements, Project Flow 100%
Able to Plan Database & Structure 88%
UI Design Skills 80%
Some Coding.... 45%

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The Essential Parts of a Low Code App

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The Low-Code /No-Code Space – an Intro

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